Jakarta Randomness 02

Let me just preface this Photoset by saying this was the most sketched out I’ve ever been riding around with my camera on me. Ever. Jakarta’s traffic is best described as Intra Chaos, or order within chaos. There are no traffic laws, just thousands of scooters, busses and cars that somehow move and shift into place. The best metaphor would be schools of fish, effortlessly flowing together in the ocean. With all the madness, there’s still an understanding of space and a respect for all vehicles.

We woke up this morning and rode to breakfast. After refueling, we took off and tore around the city. It really was amazing and these photos don’t even begin to touch how incredible riding a brakeless track bike is in this city.

Tonight is the official Fixed Fest opening party, put on by Rocket Company

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  • Am I crazy or is the kid in the Guns N Roses T throwing up Fixie Factory??? O.O

    • He came up and said “fixie fixie!” and I showed him #FF and he went for it!

  • Love the kids in MASH kits 

  • Sau Hsu

    heck yes to jakarta youth stoked on bicycles!

  • The pink Giro kills

  • KevinOei

    glad you enjoyed JKT!

  • Jakarta looks rad! 

  • I like how Tyler’s SKYLMT has an Edge stem cap. 

  • idiotsupreme

    Tyler riding the streets of J town. that does it for me, fixed fest is quite the beast!

  • Dcondankz68nlc

     Jakarta is the best!!

  • Lemontime

    Fuck yeah Fyxo kit!

  • yann

    dope pictures.

    put a protector on that giro tt!

  • 13 is just all kinds of awesome. 

  • Kemalrohali

    I am cycling in and out traffic Jakarta everyday and I must say, I cannot find a bettter description of jakarta traffic than this…., school of fish…love it…awesome work man…

  • so rad

  • Jon

    What bar wrap is on the Giro?