Jakarta Randomness 01

Well, after a long 28 hours of travel, I arrived in Indonesia with Jason, Chas, Walton and Tyler, who I met up with in Taipei. Ochi and Mamad met us from Rocket Company and after building our bikes up, we all hit the streets in search of food. I’m too tired to write much else, so it’s off to bed for me. Tomorrow’s schedule is packed, so expect more later.

I do want to thank Rocket Company and all the organizers for making this trip happen. It’s really incredible to be here riding with everyone and I cannot wait for Fixed Fest.

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  • hot damn, for some reason it’s just insane to see this collection of #fixiefamous people in the streets of Jakarta!

  • Cliff

    I LOVE Pocari Sweat.

  • Pramismi

    Try Jakarta’s rush hour

  • great photos!

    Are those little leather straps Indonesian bike locks :/?

  • Bro Nameth

    more pics of that motorcycle

  • neverhealed

    YOFC bike Krew.

  • Jonathanpterwilliger

    Stopping by Taipei again on the way back?