I Got to Visit Adam at Stanridge Speed Jul 30, 2012

I’m in Ohio, visiting some of Lauren’s family and the first thing I thought was “who’s in Columbus that I can visit?”. Of course, Stanridge Speed! The first night we were here, I met up with Adam for a glass of Basil Hayden’s and yesterday, I swung by his shop to take some photos. While I wait on my 120 film to get developed, here are two from my 5Dmkii.

A little backstory on these two photos. Adam lost his finger when he was a kid, playing on an exercise bike. Maybe that’s what drove him to a life-long love affair with bikes? Funny, when I think of traumatizing events striking children, it usually distills fear, not fascination. And that flask was a gift, along with a bottle of Blanton’s. Man, what a nice guy!

I can only hope my photos do his space justice. More to come…

  • dude. you must eat adriaticos and tommy’s on west lane.

  • David

    I’ll be there in a couple of weeks, u beat me to the visit John! Looking forward to meeting Adam!

    • Guest

      who is this rookie?

  • Jared

    Adam is a top notch guy.

  • Dave

    John what’s your “go to” lens on your 5d2?

    • Canon 50mm f1.2 L – perfect for spaces like his shop, and very fast at 1.2

  • sweet! my bike’ll probably be there now, too