Here’s Looking at You Kid Jul 5, 2012

My buddy Chris just completed this build and since I can’t really post portrait-oriented photos in the galleries, I figured I’d give this one some love on its own. Expect the full set tomorrow…

  • Drooool

  • what a rare and gorgeous frame …

  • rob

    I think this was for sale on Mash awhile ago; I was too slow to get it. Looks sick.

  • agi

    what are these calipers?


  • Christopher

    The front tyre is on the wrong way around.

    • Actually, the whole wheel was backwards. I realized that after shooting it.

      • Chris


  • B_harrison

    this bike gave me SALSA inspiration to finish my rock lobster

  • Laurence

    Any idea what bottle cages those are? They’re stunning.