Help Send Crihs to Jakarta Jul 5, 2012

Crihs has been trying to get out to Jakarta for Fixed Fest, leaving him with only one option left: donations via Kickstarter. I’ve always enjoyed seeing Crihs’ documentation from events and would love to see this event through his lens. Head here to donate but act quick, his deadline is Sunday!

  • MrMunny

    If that is a Visp he’s riding then will throw on a few bucks otherwise no.

    • ZianStudios

       looks like Low

  • Stanb14

    free money to ride a bike lets do this. e-panhandler

  • Hanssachs


  • Trevor0thomas

    Get a job.

    • thanks for the advice. I will look into it.

      • Guest

        please do!

        • Guessst

          yes get a job hipster !

  • employment agency

    who wouldn’t like to go to indonesia for free. fuck me! fucking freeloading twat!

  • trust fund hipster

    Hell yeah sending hipsters for to Indonesia for free! Fuck yeah

    • wish I was a hipster. If I was mom and dad would of sent me over there with out kickstarter. Get it right.

      • ZianStudios

        The world is your mother and father

      • Guest

        sir, respectfully, you are a freeloading hipster!

  • Messengers pay isn’t great, good luck.

  • adam toepfer

    I’m planning to go next year.  No way I can make it this year.