Full Frame Collective: Bomb Hills Jul 27, 2012

Since it’s FFC, I was expecting this to be a track bike video, so the BMXs were a surprise. It’s a whole different vibe when you’re not pedaling all the time, huh? Shot by Werehaus.

  • Rjluikart

    That looks like fun! Nothing this like where I live though. Time to travel!

  • Nice Jump Into The Fire cover!

  • Tyler Johnson

    This was so fucking sick. They were going fast!

  • Spoon

    Was not expecting that ending, but that sure was a graceful fall. 

  • #fixiejesus

    What Strava segment is this?

  • marcm


  • Jake Ricker

    So fucking sick!

  • fastroadrashdotrash
  • Samau

    I’m pretty sure this is the decent on Conzelman road in the Marin Headlands across the Golden Gate from SF. Such a thrill on a road bike, let alone a BMX!

  • Whats hill in SF is this