Circle A: Hubert d’Autremont Jul 24, 2012

I don’t like posting single photos without linking to a complete set but this Circle A paintjob came out stunning on Hubert d’Autremont’s Cirque bike. Finding more information about this Vermont frame builder is a real pain. Does anyone have a link? I wanna see the full monty. Josie Morway’s box lining is sharp!

  • Good luck, been pestering him to get some more work of his online! 

  • Met him at the oregon manifest, super great dude. both our bikes had front stands and cable locks, just sayin great minds think alike. not sure if that’s actually true. 

  • Yeah, Hubert doesn’t have a site yet, but has been busy enough building awesome bikes that it doesn’t seem to matter…

  • Culture Cycles probably has more shots on their site of Hubert’s stuff than anybody else…

  • Ricardo Vestuti

    The Circle A guys have been doing such a tremendous job over the past few years.
    Great to have some outstanding builders and painters in the Providence area.
    Creative and fun to work with. Keep up the great work.
    Hurbert’s work looks pretty tremendous as well.

  • Hubert d’Autremont

    Don’t worry fellas the website is comin’. 
    It just has to be awesome first. 

  • Harris

    Hubert’s the man! His bikes are rad too….

  • Stella Ngigi

    For so little that is seen i have managed to like everything i see. i especially like the stem.