Chrome: Introducing the Lower Southside Jul 26, 2012

Chrome’s got a new sneaker on the market called the Lower Southside. Check it out as Boothby rides in them during MWM3.

  • Anyone?

    does anyone else thing its messed up for chrome to do this at an event they didnt sponser?

    • Sam

      They didn’t officially sponsor, but just about everyone that was there got one of those Chrome New Era Snapbacks. Colby coming out was a surprise.

  • Elbowspeak

    This is great, but how is this not BMX?

    • they are not on bmx bikes…that is how haha

    • Andy

      I don’t get it either (haha). The bikes are a lot closer to bmx bikes than track bikes thats for sure, and I’ve yet to see someone do something on a fixie that a bmxer didn’t do better years ago (or one of the Art-Bike ladies). They do however have loads more ironic tatts, so maybe thats cool…

      • You’re so sharp and clever, pat yourself on your back.

        • Andy

          thanks babe x

  • qqqq

    also did everyone get paid for being in an ad…?