Brooks England: Limited Edition Olympic Saddles Jul 26, 2012

To commemorate the Olympics landing in London, Brooks England has issued a series of limited saddles.

“This saddle is part of the UNION JACK SWALLOWS LIMITED EDITION 2012, a tricolour issue of the legendary B15, created to celebrate the Olympiad that in 2012 comes to visit London for the third time in history. The Red and Blue models will be delivered in the special “Union Jack” packaging, while the White in the singular “England” box.”

Check out the Red, Blue and White here.

  • I wonder how long until the London brand police shut them down for using the words “olympiad” “2012” and “London” in the product description? 

  • Ultra_Orange

    I need to make a kickstarter so I can get people to help fund my addictions.