Brenton Salo: West America Jul 30, 2012

Photos by Brenton Salo

West America is a very simple and yet, very well branded and executed company spearheaded by Jordan and James. They’re not planning to change the world through the everyday, but they do plan to make the everyday with a little more craft and care. Brenton Salo recently visited Hufnagle’s quarters and shot a few photos of the space. Head over to his Tumblr to see more and head here, to the West America site to check out what they’re all about.

  • Guest

    Good stuff. I would have liked to see a pen. Cause a good pen spun on a lathe out of aluminum will change the world. Seriously though.. these dudes are on it. Good job guys. 

  • adam

    these photos are rad. 

  • $140 for that rinky dink piece of garbage?