Brenton Salo: Tonic Fab Cross Jul 8, 2012

Photos by Brenton Salo

I’m not sure if this particular Tonic is classified as their Magnum CX but if any of their bikes deserve to be called magnum, it’s this beast. Oversise HT, dampened wishbone stay and disks? This is a gravel-grinding, cowbell chiming good time just waiting to happen. See more details of this gorgeous example of American steel at Brenton Salo’s Flickr.

  • dan


    • rdrey


  • Chase

    Great looking bike but I can’t help but wonder about that little metal circle. It looks like it would flatten after the first bump. Cool design.

  • Nvrrrmnd

    This bike is 100% sick. Does anyone know how much something like this co$t? Frame and fork or complete, give me some numbers please so I can start saving.

  • Carter

    epic design. how funtional is that wishbone seat sta? perhaps a show bike? how much of a beating could this cx bike take? regardless that design is refreshing.

    • I’m gonna say it would hold up just fine.

    • Tonic Fab

       I assure you this bike is built to be ridden. Don’t let the pretty paint fool you.

  • You can peep some more  on this bike here:

    I can assure you, it will hold to as much punishment as anyone could reasonably hope to dish out.

  • Michael

    That fork and headtube combo with the logo on it is AWESOME!