Serena’s Geekhouse Woodville

I miss my touring bike, even while taking these photos of Serena’s new Geekhouse Woodville, I was envious. They’re such nice bikes and the boys at Geekhouse do a superb job of modeling each build after their customer’s concerns. When Serena first wanted to get a new bike, we talked about her options. She ended up deciding on a Woodville. 26″ wheels, front, rear racks, fenders, Shimano and bar cons. This is a bike she’ll have her entire life and it’s a beauty. Now she just needs to take it on a maiden tour…

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • what i’d give to be that brooks

    • Fooboozlie

      Having a girl sit on you is cool for like, the first few minutes. Unless you’re having sex, and that’s a different matter.

      •  An as a leather saddle, that doesn’t leave you much to do in such a situation ;)

  • Derreck

    I love the cork spacer between the fork crown and the fender.  I am steeling that idea.  Is there a reason why the front rack is mounted so high?

    • probably bc its for 700c

      • Derreck

        I see.  I didn’t notice it was attached at the cantilever studs as well as at the dropout.  It does seem like it could be brought down a little, but not that big of a deal. 

  • sygyzy

    Amazing looking bike!

  • What is the brand of this front rack?

  • That Ultegra crank is hideous. 

  • A nice person

    You of all people haven’t gotten your bike back? I thought with so many readers you would have it back in a week. Im sorry to hear its still missing, I know the feeling 

  • Ponder This

    I do not understand why this was not spec’d with a 6600 crank and rear derailleur. Both still readily available.

  • futuremang

    What kind of handlebars are those?

    •  I have the same question. I was thinkin’ if it’s a Nitto stem, maybe Nitto bars?

  • What would you call that color?