Beautiful Bicycle: Jesse’s Hufnagel Cross Jul 6, 2012

Man, I am so into this build it’s making me salivate. The paint, the tires, the bar wrap, everything scream success. Jesse’s a rad dude. One of the leaves on the tree of great cyclists in LA and this Hufnagel cross isn’t going on a wall like some piece of art, it’s hitting the frontage and fire roads of Los Angeles county. There are so many details on this bike but I don’t want to steal the thunder from Jesse’s Flickr. Head over and check them out for yourself.

  • Cbertels

    Nice machine.  Link is broken I think though…

  • painted X2 stem is purdy …

  • Richard Smith

    This is lurrrrvely

  • Jesse Carmody

    thanks dude!!!

  • Jordan

    Thanks John! and thanks Jesse!

  • ChrisJ

    Jesse’s a great photographer! Thanks for the link!