What a Day! Jun 21, 2012

Since arriving in Los Angeles, Kyle from Tracko / GSC has been going on and on about how he was going to take me on the “Cloud Bonk” ride. As the name implies, it’a a gnarly loop, that’s literally up in the clouds. Well, 7,000′ up. We left this morning at 6:30am and rode to the ride (rather than drive). After a 30 mile trek to the base of the mountains, we climbed for 30 miles. Then 30 more miles and then, 30 miles home. Totaling 10,200′ and 120 miles. As you can imagine, I’m beat. So after a few bourbons, I’m calling it a night.

Read: I’m too tired to post anything!

A few notes:

-YES, I received your emails today.
-NO, the Ride Hills T’s have not shipped from Kyle’s warehouse. He was busy riding mountains today. Expect those to ship ASAP! Or as soon as his interns get them out.
-Gah, I love riding in LA County.
-Check out more Instagram photos in the blog footer, or click here and here.

  • These rides look like so much fun. Jealous

  • TuckerRidesBikes


  • can we get info on where the ride is? 

  • gk-

    <3 the 1st picture. thanks for consistently getting me off my ass and riding! 

  • Jon Losmuybueno

    Welcome to the beautiful SGV

  • Alex

    Shot with your mamiya?

  • damn, i’ll need to do this ride at some point

  • Ckamp

    Good Work!

  • Gilliatt

    Where exactly on the ride was the first photo taken?

    • Bike lane before GMR

      • Gilliatt

        Thanks, John!