Tracko’s Making a Hippie Out of Me Jun 12, 2012

LA is rad. Every time I come back here, I fall in love a little more with Los Angeles county. I say county because riding in most of the city is garbage. Pure shit. But riding outside of the city is marvelous. This morning we took a nice little spin and I’m amazed at what awaits you just outside the hustle and bustle. We did 30 miles and 2,600′ all while smiling and talking shit. Check my Instagram at the bottom footer on the site for more pics.

Oh and Wednesday’s your chance to swoop up a Ramblin’ Roll if you haven’t yet. Kyle’s upping some more, so sit on his site!

Also, also, the Necronomicog packs have shipped and the USPS’ tracking system SUCKS. Just be patient, they’re all trickling in this week. If you’re lucky enough to swoop a Ramblin’ Roll, the Necronomicog patches fit great on them…

  • mwickedness

    come on, a little exhaust never hurt anybody…

  • miles

    love these ride reports and seeing your strava data. how do you get your bike all over the country? pack it up and take it with you everywhere?

    • I only fly JetBlue or Frontier where bikes are cheap or free to ship and I use a hard case.

  • German Flea

    what kind of a saddle bag is that?? where can I get one??

    • German Flea

       man i am stupid should of kept reading, sorry

  • Roofert

    I hate to tell you this, but according to your strava map, you were within the Los Angeles city limits for the entirety of your ride… just sayin’. But I get and agree with your point.

  • OC

    I have yet to conquer LAC, but OC is rad too! at least the south portion of it is.

  • DB

    Prolly, you should check out Big Tujunga Canyon, Angeles Crest, the Santa Anita climb, and even Chaney trail (if you think you’re up for it) for some good climbing.  I grew up riding all those.

    • I am down. We’re doing Wilson and Cloud Bonk.

  • Jdhhsept

    got my pack the other day, everything is awesome, excellent design work! still trying to figure out what to put my patch on.

  • Lucoli01

    Have these already sold out AGAIN? Or is it the Aussie timezone which has me early..

  • Mattlreeve

    So. It is impossible to get a Ramblin Roll it seems.  Do you have any suggestions for quality, viable substitutes in the same price range?  I have been trying to get one forever and keep fucking up, so now I am looking into alternatives.  Suggestions?

  • Collin

    dang i want a rambling roll so bad. any news on when more might be available?