Tokyo Fixed Gear: The Hunt Video Jun 7, 2012

The guys at Tokyo Fixed Gear made a nice recap video from their recent track bike criterium, The Hunt. Check it out!

  • +1 for MW

  • TuckerRidesBikes

    what a great place to race track bikes!  somebody should do a track bike race at Pace Bend.  It’s perfect.

  • knedorino

    bit of a nettle sting at the end for the camera guy

  • Tristan

    fuck yeah more of this in fixed gear please. gutted i couldn’t get down to london to join in with this!

  • trutone

    Cool stuff, I like to see this kinda thing. But man are American cycling kits starting to look bland. Too much black and gray. Where’s the goddamn color?

  • Go IRIDE!