This Bike Share is a Pipe Bomb Jun 19, 2012

The Gothamist has a story up about how neighbors feel that the new Citibike share program will encourage terrorists to target the UN and various other international hubs in the area. I usually don’t post this kind of ridiculousness but the thought that someone would turn this hunk of shit into a bomb and attack a Federal building just strikes me as real-life-comedy. Seriously, this is out of an SNL skit… Read up here.

  • Bryan Smith

    face palm with such extreme force that I cracked my skull

  • Spoon

    Whenever I hear of ‘business owners’ or ‘firm shareholders’ who are constantly outspoken I really question how well the business or firm is doing [
    …Gootnik, who runs a management training and development firm with his wife,…]. Too much free-time?

  • Lbrasseur

    I am so happy I moved away from NYC.

  • aj austin

    The CIA will probably do it.

  • Roofert

    Thats some Rapha shit right there

  • Ultra_Orange

    Let people park next to the building to protect it from the bikes, oh wait. Can we send these people to some other country please?