Takuya Sakamoto: Victor on E Broad Street Jun 2, 2012

Photo by Takuya Sakamoto

Victor, bro, you’re #fixiefamous! Loving this photo Tak.

  • Mikes

    Will you please stop this fixiefamous nonsense… Vic was out there rocking fixed gear when you were still in school!

    • Hey man, I know Vic well enough to talk a little shit with him. Quit being his internet bodyguard.

    • Guest

      prolls and victor are boys and your just some cunt on the internet

    • crihs

       Victor is black. Is there a problem with that sentence? … Mind your business dude.

  • MustangWolf

    Its this guy’s job to create (market) a scene that will allow him and others to make money as a creative. Give him a break.

  • guest

    haha “rocking a fixed gear…”

    • ze germans

      • Mikes

        from down south bro, just living here and chilling with the germans!

        • well, their shitty attitudes are rubbing off on you. ;-)

          • Mikes

            true, thats why i left texas ;-) america is the new germany, wake up brother before it is too late

          • #CSB

  • nice picture – makes rva look immense