So Just How Loud are the New Profile Elite Road Hubs? Jun 1, 2012

Very loud.

I recently built up a set of 24 / 28 Profile Elite Road hubs and could not believe how loud they are. In fact, they sound more like a BMX hub than a road hub. 6 pawls dig into 68 steps on the ratchet ring, making them the bane of your riding buddies’ existence.

Made in the USA, from hell hornets apparently…

See more information here at Profile.

  • AAD

    “Loud pawls save lives”

  • Daniel

    What is the benefit of having a loud hub?

    • JohnnytheFox

      I’ve heard some racers say that it can be a mental advantage over an opponent when descending.  Loud hubs from behind make it sound like someone is right on your wheel.  Plus they’re sweet.

      • Cryanhorner

        so it drove me nuts even for 15 seconds on a video, i would hate that sound all the time when i was riding.  it seems totally counter intuitive to make things bikes louder, since it seems like sound=friction=resistance+annoyance.  who makes the quietest hubs, i want those.

        • Ianmsummers


          • fixed_hesh

             They made Ultegra hubs a few years back that coast silently. Unfortunately people didn’t like the silence and they were discontinued. I have a set on my cross bike, buttery smooth and they don’t scare the wildlife.

          • Ben

            my brand new Ultegra 6700 10 speed rear hub is butter + silent. People often don’t hear me sneaking up on them.

        • Rhflame

          The sound is only made when your coasting. So in your case it would motivate you to keep pushing

        • Matthe J

          I like the Profile, but if you can’t handle sound get Royce hubs.

    • Chris


      • There’s no benefit, other than it keeps you pedaling…

  • Man, I love that sound.  Should wake up the Japanese zombies that always make my commute more adventurous than it ever should be.  Do they make a 120mm spaced single speed cassette hub?  If so and if it sounds that intimidating and obnoxious, I’m all over it.  

  • I remember the first time I rode on a bike with Chris King hubs, I thought there was a stick caught in the spokes.

  • Harry

    Nice hubs.

  • fuck yeah, i still choose my chris king tho

  • peppino

    you haven’t listen frm hub :)

  • i had a dt swiss tricon 1450 hub that sounded very much like that.  got comments on them all the time.  loved that sound.  then i had the wheelset serviced by dt and they said “we had a problem servicing your rear hub so we gave you a whole new wheel for the price of the servicing.”  got a deal, yes.  now have a very quiet wheel though :(

  • Raphaesque

    You may want to check with hub/wheel engineers.  Louder sound doesn’t always translate into better performance.  In fact, it’s often the opposite.  The simpler and more elegant the hub design is, the more durable (and lighter) it tends to be.  If you race, you’ll prefer durable and lightweight to ‘loud’.  If you want loud, it’s cheaper to stick a plastic cup in your rear brake so it rubs your rear tire and makes a lot of noise.  All this talk about loud hubs reminds me of the motorcycle sound makers for bicycles that were popular when I was a kid.  I remember them as being very annoying.  I now prefer my bike to be as quiet as possible so as to enjoy the sounds of nature while I ride, or to be able to listen to my girlfriend tell me what naughty things she’d like me to do to her after we finish our granfondo and get back to the b&b.   

    • I don’t race and it’s Profile. They’ve been making hubs longer than most “engineers” have been alive.

    • rdrey

      Raphaesque – do you (or anyone for that matter) have any articles to link in re: cassette body noise v. “performance”?  You suggest that louder often implies poorer performance.

      It sounds like your preference is based more on the noise-pollution aspect of the hubs and not on “performance”.  I’m not calling you out, because I’ve also wondered if loud vs. quiet causes differences in coasting friction myself and I’m curious if I can learn from you.

      FWIW, I think the only “performance” difference in loud v. quiet hub bodies will be in coasting friction.  When pedaling, it is the bearings/design/hub weight that affect performance, not how loud the pawls are (they’re fully engaged when pedaling).  If you’re considering engagement performance, this has to do with the number of pawls, their springs, their form/fit/function, and the number of engagement points – again, not with hub noise.

      • Mikes

        the cheapest campy wheelset (khamsin) is one of the louder one’s!

    •  I talked to the man behind “Tune Components” – he does all the designing and engineering – i asked him about the sound of the freewheel and what he said is, that the noisy hubs are simple, efficient and durable all at the same time. if i am not mistaken it takes extra parts or more complex engineering to make a silent-hub. he showed me the pieces that make up their hubs and it made perfect sense to me. so i am tempted to disagree with you here … noise is NOT an extra feature they add to the hub to make it cool, it is rather a must-have if you make a simple and light hub.

    • Kelly Tedder

      It’s loud. Because there’s over 200 points of engagement. I believe 6 or 8 engagement points. And the springs that drop the pawls onto drive alignment are extremely firm. At the same time. The drop to engage is acute. But the grade to roll up and over to coast, is very subtle. Think of a long slow grade. Then a cliff. So ya. They covered low coasting friction. And very stout aggressive engagement. And that does infact translate to loud. So I am gonna call you out. YIU don’t even have to talk to engineer. Just look a the design of their hub. Simple. Almost zero parts. Light. Strong. And loud.

  • Emily Rae

    I was sitting on my friend’s wheel yesterday (per usual) and he kept calling me out when I was stone cold chillin’.  God bless my r45’s, keeping me honest (and pedaling!).

  • ZLOG

    hey bud, seems like the links are going to another one of your pages and not the Profile site. Hubs sound sick! 

  • when i was in st. pete, i ran into christian from profile at a local shop and heard this thing firsthand. the video barely does it justice, i could hear this swarm of angry bees from the depths of hell from a quarter mile away.

  • ZianStudios

    how come my fixed hub don’t make no noise when i coast?

  • Dogs love loud Hubs…

  • Not a fan of loud hubs myself, but prefer the buzz of this to the splitting ‘tiktiktiktiktiktik’ of my old Hope Pro II hub.

    My new Phil hub has a nice, subtle ‘zuzzzzzz’, which I much prefer.

    Anyway, noise aside – let us know how they are for engagement and longevity down the road.