Shots from the Road: 06:15:2012 Jun 15, 2012

In a rush to get out the door to meet up for a ride this morning, I left my T4. So in lieue of 35mm, I took a lot more Instagram photos than I normally would. When I showed up at the coffee shop, I thought we’d maybe be doing like 20 miles. Shortly after, I realized we’d be in it for a haul today and with 50% of the course being dirt and gravel, it was gonna be fun.

We took off, climbed some, descended some, got a few flats and managed to avoid any wrecks. After a stop at the Reel Inn in Topanga, we headed home. Nothing like riding 20 miles through shit LA traffic and roads after hitting the dirt all morning. We totalled 60 miles and around 4,000′ and everyone had a blast, er, fun.

Check out more below.

  • Paul

    i fucking hate you so much. why can’t i be there?

  • wade

    On closer inspection, the shot with the power lines is FUCKING PERFECT. Honestly, you really nailed that one.

  • Might have to try this route. Looks beautiful, it would give me an excuse to buy Vittoria Paves, and there’s oysters. Fuck yeah

  • Josh

    That looks so fun! What width tires are you running to be riding a road bike on dirt roads and not constantly wiping out?

    • 23c Specialized Turbo

    •  23c Zaffiro Pros work perfectly in the same terrain; you’d be surprised how capable such small tires are.

  • god i had oysters lastnight, i just had a flashback of how good they were…