Samson K Hatae’s Tour of California Hasselblad Photos Jun 20, 2012

Photo by Samson J Hatae

For many people, shooting professional cycling with film is unheard of, much less a Hasselblad. While many magazines and news sites only care about those finish line and podium shots, a few photographers are out there, looking a little deeper. Samson’s coverage of the Amgen Tour of California came out great. I love this shot so much, right down to the excited fan, just barely an inch off the ground. Check the rest out here.

  • A8jtw

    The colours are nice, and I’m sure it’s a nice camera, but he really should frame closer to the action with a wide angle more often. Too many shots are taken from high up vantage points, and the cyclists aren’t close enough for us to see interesting detail and emotion, nor far away enough for us to feel a sense of lonely effort.

    • Matt

       What your are talking about is the expected view of how people are comfortable or associate as being the correct way to shoot cycling. 

      Samson takes his own unique perspective by capturing the event in a more  documented moment in time by capturing the complete environment which shows the essence of whats its like to actually be there. 

      In other words its not always about the “action” its about the event as a whole. 

    • Anton

      Take a look at some of the great cycling photos from the 20’s-40’s. Beautiful non branded action and emotion!! There is nothing wrong with the photo, but it’s not a particularly good example of cycling, racing or event photography. Who cares if it was shot using film or using a Hasselblad? Especially if it’s not in print.

  • Richard Smith

    Well I feel a lot of the shots are over-exposed, and I don’t understand why his site displays the pictures so small.