Rules of the Road Jun 13, 2012

Fuck the rules. The only rule that matters is having fun with your friends. Sometimes you can even sacrifice safety for fun. We did a ride today up Mt. Wilson that was one of the best rides I’ve done in recent months (I say that a lot in Cali). Jeff, Ty, Kyle, Ed, Ralphy and I woke up early and trudged it out to the mountains. Along the way, we joked, stopped for photos, and rubbed Poodle Bush all over ourselves. But most importantly, we had fun.

Ty took this shot of Kyle, getting his crossie freestyle on and I don’t even need to post any other photos from Instagram. This one seals the ride.

It was 62 miles, 6,000′ and we killed two pizzas after. Good times dudes!

  • An epic ride and epic day. Cheers to that ;-)

  • mamaProlly

    Safety Hippo tells me that you should NEVER sacrifice safety for fun!  I hear hippo tears!

  • phil garofolo

    nothing like destroying large amounts of food and drinks after a ride. I’ll be doing that with cheesesteaks tomorrow (riding NYC -> Philly)

  • You have to do Glendora Mountain Road to Mt Baldy next! If you are up for a Saturday Morning ride let me know!  

    • We did that last time I was in town. Good stuff!

  • RulerZigzag

    How has the cross bike been handling on the rides? What size tires is Kyle running?

    • He likes it for road, not for cross. Grifo tires.

  • mmmm look at all that smog

    sounds like a fun ride!

  • DUP

    kyle is such a badass MF!!

  • Vernor

    I think you’re the only one who laughs at the use of “crossie freestyle.”

  • Benjstoddard

    I am curious what brakes he’s using ? cuz I ride my Crux on the road sometimes but I always have felt that the canti brakes are sketch on steep descents.