Resist: Contact Hub Now Available Jun 15, 2012

These bad boys have been coveted by fixed freestyle riders for months and they’re now available from Resist:

“Our long (very long) awaited Contact micro cassette hub just arrived and we’re already shipping them out to shops.  The thing is straight badass for anyone that wants to go to a micro drive fixed driver.  You can check out the specs on the Contact page.  Get at em’ quick, our orders are already looking slim.  Thanks for the patience on these guys.”

Thanks for pulling through on this one Resist. Everyone’s gonna be stoked.

  • Sweet, but what’s up with the durability of this new hub? We’ve got only 3 icon hubs to Hungary, and two already stripped the threads in a couple of months, while my 3/8 formula hub holds up well in the same conditions for 2 years, half the price. 

    I’m running pegs so 3/8 is not statisfying though, I need the change, and still resist is the cheapest solution.

    • Everyone on Resist has been running these hubs since their first prototypes with 0 issues.

  • how much will the hub be?

  • Jason

    I thought spencer was having issues with chain slap or something on the V1?

    • Chain slap = when the chain hits the chainstay – not a hub issue

  • Gazou

    hmm, strAnge, they look exactly (even the shape) like the last year bombtracks. but they work good, i ride the bombtrack ones for more than 8 months now and they still last.

    • yeah, that is a major point of contention.