Resist: 28c Nomad Tires in Stock Jun 27, 2012

Resist just announced their shipment of 28c Nomad tires. I had these on my touring bike and loved them. Now available in 45c, 35c, 26″ x 2.25″ and 28c. Hit up your local Resist dealer to order.

  • Newoikkin

    26″ x 2.5″? I thought they were 2.25″

  • had. loved. :( you’ll find it, I have no doubt.

  • every product shot needs more light leaks.  

  • Fooboozlie

    Anyone knows the TPI on these?

  • Ultra_Orange

    So how are they in the wet? I’m totally horrible in the wet and find myself having issues staying upright. Yeah I’m not a very good rider.