Recent Roll: Get Rad Jun 9, 2012

I wish I would have been a little bit closer for this one but it still came out rad. We took a service road on a recent century that proved to be extremely fun to ride on. These cattle crossings came up every half mile and Jon was clearing all of them on his road bike. I love riding like this. No paceline. No pulling, just fucking around… Until you get to the climbing. That’s a different story.

  • wade

    Fuck that bunny hop shit, CATTLE HOP!
    Proving that everything is still bigger and better in Texas.
    Texas Cross.

  • Nick Valdes

    I really like a lot of the content on your site but these ride photos whether road or FGFS (even though I don’t ride FGFS) are what keeps me coming back.  Good work.  I really enjoy waking up to these photos during my morning cup or kicking back to them with my evening bottle.

    • thanks man!

      • Nick Valdes

        When can we get you up North for an event?

  • adam toepfer

    If you’ve posted it before I apologize.  But its relevant to my interest now.

    I’m in Japan now.  And I’m going to be traveling to work and around on bike.  So I’m wondering what do you use to carry your photo gear.  And I guess I don’t really know how to phrase the rest of my question haha.

    I should be done with my leader build this week or next.  And I’m going to be looking for a new bag.  I rock a Nikon d5100.  And soon hopefully a goPro with bike mount.  And I’ll be carrying paperwork and pens/pencils blah blah for teaching and a few small manuals paper manuals maybe a basic binder.

    I love my burro straps so I was looking at the burro messenger bags.  I’m just getting tired of my Ogio backpack.  

    Anyway sorry for the long winded post.  I’m just missing so many photo ops now because I don’t have my camera.  But when I actually start riding my bike to work I’d like to be able to bring it every day, with at least like a 35mm f2.8 because its small.


  • Josh

    That’s amazing! When I was touring out west, I dismounted and walked over those bad boys.

  • Emily Rae

    This is so fucking Texas.  Love it. 

  • Manuel Schuler

    This is rad! Similar experience riding in switzerland where speed bumps are very steep and tall, with no transition just a sharp 30 degree angle, seen a few that were almost 50cm high. When you’re bombing down hills there’s nothing you can do but hop over them, often they’re up to 2m long as well and that bunny hop turns into a really scary downhill nose bonk at 50 km/h. Makes riding steep hills pretty exciting.