100 Miles of Fun

A century in Texas can be boring as hell if you don’t plan accordingly. It’s easy to get stuck alongside a busy highway for miles on end if you’re not careful selecting your routes. When I wanted to put in a hundred or so miles a few weeks back, I had a general idea of where I wanted to go: Pedernales, Johnson City and past Hamilton Pool. Most of the roads were desolate, with minimal vehicular traffic and climbing over the hill ranges provided some excellent descents into the river valleys.

One of my favorite routes is the switchback over the river right outside of Hamilton Pool. It’s this really sharp right, over a worn-down bridge and then a steep, switchback up, landing you at the base of one of the few Cat 3 climbs in the Austin area. Four of us went out in high spirits and under the cloudy skies, we had a blast. Until the sun came out and scorched us all. This Recent Roll is dedicated to fun with friends. We totalled 110 miles and about 5,500′ with an 18mph average. Not bad.

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  • sounds like a sweet ride

  • #2 is so Metal.  And that cattle hop is sick.
    My favorite kind of ride – wish we had roads that desolate up here.

  • Herr Karl

    Camera? Film? You used to add this info to your recent roll posts. Is there a reason you stop doing so?

    (T4 on some 400iso film if i had to guess)

  • love this.  you need to come do some SW ATL rides out towards Serenbe and I need to come to ATX again. damn!

  • mamaProlly

    Love these shots.  Sounds like a fun ride.  xxoo

  • armybikerider

    I used to live in San Antonio.  My friends and I did lots of loops through Vanderpool….Leakey…..Sisterdale etc etc.  I love the TX Hill Country and miss the bluebonnets around Fredricksburg and the Willow City Loop.  Back in the 80’s I’d camp with my family then ride back to San Antonio down 281.

    Awesome images!