Rapha: Self Survey Jun 26, 2012

Photo by George Marshall

I’ll always say I don’t like posting photos of myself, but I can’t pass up this one. A few weeks back, I met up with George Marshall from the Albion to get my portrait taken for the Rapha Survey. But what bike? My Icarus of course…

See more of George’s work in Issue #8 of the Albion, in shops now, for FREE!

  • Spencer

    Sup with the flipped photo on the link?

  • Gonna ask the same thing….don’t remember that Icarus being LSD ;)

  • Yosh

    I’ve been wondering for a while now, what bartape is that you have?

  • always wanted to meet the guy, he embodies pretty much everything i aspire to be when it comes to photos of bikes.

  • Philipp

    He prolly, what handlebar are you using on the icarus?

  • lost weight recently, haven’t you?

    • 25 lbs

      • Gizmo

        Hey, Prolly, so you have lost weight? You eat good food and ride bikes but anything specific? Certain road training you do?

  • Mwilliams

    Teddy is a true gent, used to ride BMX with him years ago. Plus he rides a Donhou now!

  • Pondoro

    You said on the on the Icarus  bike picture post from two months ago you use pledge on the forks .Try this 
    Boeshield T 9 Rust & Corrosion Protection Waterproof Lubrication

    It was developed by Boeing for the aluminum exteriors of aircraft ,It will keep steel from rusting and works a treat on the freshly buffed aluminum keeping the shine on target .

    Rgds Pondoro