Premium Rush Trailer 2 Jun 1, 2012

Mmmmmm. Yeah, I’ll go see it. Mostly to see Austin and Tom riding on the big screen.

  • Tyrionranical

    YO she just ripped her front brake off right there.  HOLYSHIT.

    •  haha. at least they edited out JGL’s back brake in these shots

  • i would let this fixed movie cum on my tits. definitely.

  • How funny would it be if NYPD cops would tackle cyclists like that. More impressive than that critical mass tackle in Times Square.

  • Noone

    1:00 – Shit just got real.

  • Fixed gear. NO BRAKES. Can’t stop. DON’T WANT TO.

    • Sean

      I think this line might be the next “Sign says one way east, I go west!”

  • lol

    I keep thinking this is a fucking joke, it’s so hilariously cheesy!

  • jan


  • HaulAssTer

    Now you guys know how I feel when RAD came out.

  • Seems surprisingly similar to the original Premium Rush. 

    • This was in production months before Premium Rush was even being filmed.

  • Y.A.I.T.W

    Looks like Shia LaBeouf, not quite a nerd but not really a hunk. 

  • ASLpic4pic

    i live my life one quarter mile at a time

  • chrispiascik

    I wonder if it will make sense in the movie why he keeps switching bikes. I hope we aren’t supposed to not notice. I am stoked to see Tom ripping on the big screen though.

  • ZianStudios

    Totally want to try that foot slide under a truck trailer

  • alreadyupsidedown

    Good to see Columbia Pictures is at it again.

  • M Terwilliger