Outlier: Ultrafine Merino Tee Jun 27, 2012

I have a couple of the standard merino tees from Outlier and they are the best. I can only imagine these Ultrafine Merino Tees will live up to the Outlier standard. Pick one up here, while there’s still stock.

  • Ryan Combdon

    I wish i could afford it. 

  • mike

    just what I always wanted, a $98 t-shirt!

  • Richard Smith

    Too expensive.

  • ttalpwehttam

    The folks at Outlier have things figure out, I just wish I could afford some of their stuff. 

  • Samuel Burchett

    god I want one. My Two-Ply shirt is the nicest shirt I’ve ever owned.

  • Daniel

    diggin’ the yellow. $ 98 bucks these days can a be a little steep, but I always compare it to the other ‘premium’  Tee’s I purchase in aspects of wear and tear. I’m sure this T will last years if taken care of right. I usually wear my  shirts out, as in shop rag status so I’m sure I’ll get some miles outta this one.