Outlier: The Freeshell Jun 6, 2012

The new Outlier Freeshell is already almost sold out so I won’t bother with a bunch of copy. Instead, I’ll just post the one jumping photo and call it a day. But, I did say almost sold out… There are still a few sizes left.

  • barn

    god damn outlier.  i always try to guess the price of your new shit that comes out.  and you always blow my guess away.  bravo.

    • Outlier makes well-conceived products out of expensive materials, and they do it in NYC. None of that is cheap.

      Nice things cost more, and there’s a reason for that. For the product you get, the prices are reasonable.

      • barn

        nice things cost more?  holy SHIT thats deep.  thanks dude.

    • circle one secrecy

      Haa I do the same thing too!

      but still overpriced- admit it.

      how does their stuff seriously sellout so quick? do they only make a HANDFUL (5-10 pieces) of each product?

      does the product last? all their stuff looks like itd rip.

      • Johann Wenzalitas

        I’ll speak to the 3 items I own. 

        The merino hoody, which I’ve worn religiously for over a year, still looks new.  It’s amazing and my favorite item of casual clothing. 
        The ultralight pants have proven unsuitable for use on the bike.   The pants’ saddle contact patch is pilling and wearing thin after a few short jaunts in the city.  

        The khaki pants have proven much more durable. 

        Durability aside, the craftsmanship and comfort of the clothing is top notch.

  • Clk64

    make jorts..

  • zeeeeeeecore

    seapunk green!

  • mixedup

    2 words….Mission Workshop……