Merckx Mondays Jun 25, 2012

For once, I’m actually sitting on some great Merckx Mondays content, so I’m going to let it float me for a few posts. This week, we’ll start off with Cooper Ray‘s lovely photos of Jay’s Colorado Merckx road. These photos were taken for Cultivar, a new enterprise arising in Brooklyn. More on that later, for now, let’s check out these lovely photos, taken on a Brooklyn rooftop, just before a sunset. Shots like this make me miss NYC.

Those wheels really set this build off. Great shots man. Follow Cooper on Instagram here and Tumblr.

  • jim

    Should’ve put some skinwall tires to that!

  • wait…. no gallery??

  • Jdhhsept

    all around sexy

  • Ivyray

    shit  how sweet is that? and nice pics,  Jays bike is built I saw that frame 2nd after Coop of course  Cooper, now it must really hurt

    • Probatman

      Cooper has found his revenge in dishing out pain on the road. Swear he has transparent wings.

  • ntrortn

    Those shamans made my mouth water ! haha.. I have those giro d’ Italian bars(:

  • PO

    aren´t they Zondas?

  • Chris

    Top notch Cooper!!!

  • Wilis

    Looks like something I would build, great job Coop! The ti seat post is a classy touch! 

  • K-Train

    Yeti sticker?  I don’t get it.  Was this bike once a resident of Durango?

    • Was a one-off corsa extra paint scheme for a regional colorado pro road team from what i know. They raced Yeti’s when not the the road

  • Thanks for the good feedback dudes!

    many more top notch builds to come :)