Merckx Mondays Jun 11, 2012

Photo by Christian Wieners

I love the random emails from all over the globe I get with “Merckx” in the subject lines. For today’s Merckx Mondays, two Stuttgart bikes make an appearance, from across the globe. Starting the Christian Wieners’ photo of this Stuttgart road, taken during the Giro de Brilliante 01, which I’m assuming is an event in Austria. You can see more photos from the event here and see more Merckx Mondays below.

It appears that my beloved Eddy Merckx Stuttgart pista has finally landed in Australia. A reader sent over a link to the forums (where they have a love / hate relationship with me). Head on over and check the rest out! I gotta say, I do like this build a lot. It’s very similar to how I had it set up.

  • Saffs

    Finally, after all it’s owners I hope it is in the right – tall – hands. Even though ultimately too big for me, I had trouble letting her go.
    However, John, the MX Leader fits like a glove and is doing many miles :)

  • ChrisM

    What saddle is that, i see it on a few bikes but haven’t ever seen a name for it? (still a bit of a bike newby sorry for the annoying question).

    • Concor

    • ChrisM

      also i meant the second picture.