Merckx Mondays Jun 4, 2012

All photos by Andy White

Having just let go of my beauty last year (my Stuttgart Pista, not a girl), I know how hard it is to say goodbye. Andy’s had to make that decision recently, forcing him to sell his beautiful MX-Leader track bike. Like my Stuttgart, his MXL represented his brand and his shop, FYXO Hub. But that doesn’t mean when you sell it, you can’t take it out for one last photo shoot. And like a good friend, he sent these my way!

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See more incredible portraits at Fyomatosis! Oh and, in case you wanted something else, check out this “Team USA” Eddy Merckx road. Yeeesh.

  • any clue on why he had to sell it? or was it just time to move on.

  • Very Fyx Fyx Fyx.

    • No it’s not. It’s tastefully done and there’s no T&A – not to mention the bike is immaculate.

  • Ben

    That girl needs to move out of the way. I can’t see the bike.

  • Jake

    Hey yo girl. Can I get yo numba? Can I? Can I have it…