Map Bicycles: 650b Disk-ville for Sale Jun 19, 2012

So you just moved to Portland and you sold your car, looking for a more efficient way of getting around. Time to buy this Map 650b Disk-ville. $6,800 gets you this complete bike, locked and loaded with the nicest quality parts. This was at the 2012 NAHBS (as a raw frame) and is quite the looker. I bet the ride is worth every penny… See more details here.

  • H0STAG3R

    There is no way that this is worth the price.

    • Jared

      Haha, what? MAP is legit.

      • Yeah, if you don’t think that bike isn’t worth MORE than that price, you have no idea what you’re looking at. This ain’t a Linus… People pay upwards of that for a complete custom bike all the time.

        • barnsky barn

          lets agree to disagree on many levels.  its a bike painstakingly made by a very skilled man, and its beautiful.  i bet it will sell too.  but a $7,000 townie is god damn ridic.

          • sam

            Why? I can see someone riding this bike more than they would ride a custom road bike.

          • I ride my Woodville tourer more consistently than any other bike I own. 

  • joe

    So basically the frame set is worth 5K+? Rip

    • kyle

      You should price some of those components sometime.  Vintage Ideal saddle, TA Cyclotouriste crankset, Vintage CLB levers, Supernova E3 headlight, Supernova dynamo hub, Supernova taillight, custom fenders, custom rack.  All fetch much higher prices than most of your standard roadbike fare.  

  • Terence

    People spend a lot of money on a lot of things, it doesn’t necessarily justify that item’s existence in the real world.  If you have the means and desire to own a $7k townie bike then buy it, enjoy it, but don’t be surprised when the other 99% of people scoff at you for perceived extravagance.

    • Have you ever been to Portland? hahaha. Jussayin’ these are pretty common there.

      • Terence

        Yeah, I live there.  The nice thing about Portland is that cycling has seemingly transcended the quirky novelty status that is still extremely prevalent in the rest of the country.  For every bike like the one posted there are hundreds of normal utilitarian townies with kitty litter bucket panniers that don’t cost the same price as a decent used Subaru.  Again; if this is your thing then go crazy, it’s your money.

  • For almost $7K I do not expect to see Shimano 105! 

  • lefiddleback

    I love how many people wouldn’t blink an eye at financing a 10k car made on an assembly line yet scoff at. 7k for a handmade piece of art that will most likely outlive your retarded cross eyed grandchildren.

    • Jared