Manual For Speed: Dan Chabanov Portrait Jun 18, 2012

Dan Chabanov will always get love here on the site. He’s a stand up guy, that enjoys beating up on other racers in the Red Hook Crit, as much as he enjoys a good split 7″. This shot from Manual For Speed is too good.

  • Distinct lack of Pro, needs more euro mullet to compete.

  • Seriously, just imagine it draping over his shoulders!  Bitches will swoon.

  • Dtsiegler

    disregard 7″ split; rock euro-dance for boonen samson-strength :)

  • perdition

    I noticed previously that Dan was running Omnium cranks on his Stanridge Speed for the Red Hook Crit. I run Omniums as well but am unhappy with the chainline they have. Since the NDS bearings is stepped on the GXP system and the DS spindle essentially “floats” in the bearing is it possible to use a spacer behind the NDS BB cup to bring the chainline more inboard and closer to 42mm? Have any of the individuals running Omniums tried this or are people just rocking the cranks with the skewed chainline? Prolly, I would love to hear your two cents about this. Thanks man, keep up the awesome work.

    • I honestly don’t worry about chainline. Especially not 2mm…