Levi’s Commuter Launch Portland Jun 19, 2012

This Friday, the Levi’s Commuter line launches in Portland at River City Bicycles. If you can, make it out.

  • Spencer

    When are they going to start selling these in sizes that fit tall people?

    • recur

      and when are these going to start selling these sized for people who actually ride a bike (& have the quads to prove it)?

      • Ian

        Plenty of people who actually ride bikes don’t have monster quads, as I’m sure you’d be aware if you took your head out of your ass.

  • they fit well. chances are most times you’ll have them rolled up capris style to show the reflection tape. cuz otherwise they look pretty basic. I do squats and got some girth on my thighs and they are generally loose and also pretty flexy. I have my qualms with the degree of water resistance (maybe it deteriorates after a few washes) plus the 3M reflection tape is already wearing down. I’d love to get my hands on one of the jackets though… constantly sold out here in tokyo.

    • Spencer

      When I get to work, I definitely don’t walk around with my pants rolled up.

  • Emerson

    Seriously, what about us the tall skinny guys? make some pants that fit us!!!

  • When are they going to start selling them in women’s sizes?