Josh Hayes for the Hub Jun 23, 2012

Josh has been living the dream, riding and soaking in the Austrian culture. He’s recently been working with a local shop called the Hub and here’s a video he put together for them.

  • Pondoro

    I like it ,thanks

  • Jesse Carmody

    Post-coke-sip-face is such a typical big red look!

  • Alex

    wow awesome build! 

  • This grates on me, Ive been riding Fixed for years and Im a big lad, Yet i still cant fucking skid!

    • Josh is the shit!

    • gezaszines

       i have a friend who beats the 130 kilogramms, and can skid. its all can be put down to practising, i guess

  • what’s the name of the song though?

  • Josh Hayes.

    If you are a big boy, use them big boy legs and put the hammer down! 

    @johnprolly:disqus you my friend are a champion. 

  • brandon

    is it just me or is he riding a pretty small ratio?

    • It’s probably 47:17 or the like. If you climb hills at all on a track bike, you don’t wanna go much bigger than that. 46:17 is the jam.

      • brandonknaff-FEKK


  • Carl Anderson

    Sweet vid, sweeter roads.  I wonder if his wrists hurt though.  Homeboy needs some compact drops…

    • Yeah, you tell Josh what he needs because you know best! ;-)

  • TuckerRidesBikes

    best Coca-Cola ad I’ve ever seen

  • Anton Driftwood

    i lived in this city josh rides in the vid. i enjoy austria even though there’s not much going on here fixed gear wise…besides drunken messengers RAD ROWDIES (fuck you)  i wonder why he came here? _  you know what, let’s make austria the new fixed gear mecca for all riders across the world…CMWC in austria 2013 !!! go for it !!!

  • Bogus

    YES! Josh is the shit. Sick video

  • Seanny_D

    Man, I miss this guy being in San Diego. Josh was my guru while he worked at Velo Cult while it was still in town. Thanks for all the help and via con dios

  • mm51

    is that a house of commons cap? are they still is business?