Hit ‘Em in the Mouth – Bike Polo Documentary Jun 16, 2012

“Hit ‘Em In The Mouth”, a documentary exploring the culture of Seattle Bike Polo, the birthplace of the current polo craze, will enjoy a World Premiere, June 30, 2pm in NYC at Anthology Film Archives. We need your help to get as many people in the NYC area to come see our film.

The movie centers around the dominant figures of the scene, including the father of hardcourt bike polo Matt Messenger, the world champions Team Smile, and the up-and-coming players of the city. Their stories intertwine as we follow the drama through the National Championships and a battle with the city of Seattle for a permanent space to play.

Hit ‘Em in the Mouth

  • When is this coming out???

  • sweeeeeet! 

  • Ev

    they premiered this at the Cascadia Regional Qualifier in East Vancouver a few weeks ago, it is deffinately worth the watch.