Giro for Skratch Labs Jun 8, 2012

I’ll take two. Seriously, how bad-ass are these shoes Giro made for Skratch Labs? Please, please put these into production.

  • Pondoro51

    Put me down for  2 pair also

  • better than the silver/hi-viz.  Prolly needs black/purple.

  • Vance Nichols

    Aren’t those Taylor Phinney’s shoes from the Giro, which he probably gave to Skratch Labs for a thank you. Giro announced that they will probably put them into production since their was so much fanfare after the photos of Taylor from the Giro came out. Such badass shoes

  • taylor phinney was rocking grey versions of these in the Giro d’italia

  • I could really use some new road shoes! Giro, I’d be all over these…that grey is killer too (maybe w/o the highlighter yellow). 

  • God damn.  Sexy

  • G1ngerk1d

    clean as hell! Would be hard to choose between these and the Specialized 74’s

  • Sherri Jane

    Sweet hot shoes. 

  • TuckerRidesBikes

    make a Red and Cyan pair 

  • Austin

    These look amazing.  I would love to get a pair.

  • Harry

    The shoes Rapha wished they made.

  • Max Gloger

    I’ll have a pair of these and a pair of the silver ones. Hopefully they make a street shoe version with a normal sole too!

  • Ludditecyclist

    i’ll take a pair

  • German Flea

    So when you want to adjust the shoe, you have to stop get off the bike unlace and lace back up.  How stupid

    • I don’t think I’m ever in enough of a hurry when I’m riding that stopping to adjust a shoe is going to ruin my ride.

      • Doctor_Jones_

        It looks like it has a lace holder, so if you can put on and tie your shoes correctly in the first place then you won’t even need to adjust them. Why would anyone hate on these shoes anyways? Finally a really nice cycling shoe that doesn’t have velcro straps. I think they’re awesome! And they will be released!

  • kidd

    man, those are super sick!  maybe they’d make a SPD version as well with a walkable sole.  I really dig the look, only concern being laces getting caught in the chainring….

  • Just Ride.

    Great…more fashion cycling gear for hipsters.

    • Yeah, because Taylor Phinney is a HUGE FUCKING HIPSTER. The Giro is just an alleycat beer race, right?

      • Just Ride.

        He wore them for a reason, you just said earlier how impractical they are. Laceups make more sense for track use than for road use. You’re such a noob John. 

        • It’s spelled n00b, n00b

        • POS

          A lotta faggots on your site prolls

  • Scott Ramos

    Seriously? Total fashion shoe. Tyler Phinney can wear whatever he want-he’s a pro who’s proven himself as a rider. But, I doubt that most people here want to wear this shoe for practical purposes. 

  • Ete

    Looks not very breathable!

  • Gio

    they basically look like soccer cleats except they’re spd compatible. A while back John posted a product were you could spd your own shoes, so if you’re impatient I guess you could just order those and spd a pair of indoor soccer shoes to get the same look.