Fyxomatosis: 2012 Melburn Roobaix Kit Jun 12, 2012

Photo by Andrew White

The 2012 Melburn Roobaix is coming and like a great event organizer, Andy’s doing all he can to promote this event. All I’m going to say is, if you can make it, DO. Lauren had a blast last year and I’m sure you will too. Don’t be intimidated by Nic’s legs here. She’s not going to be able to attend this year… So you’ll still have a chance at winning the group ride.

That said, the Fyxomatosis Melburn Roobaix kits are now available. Swoop one up while they’re still hanging out.

  • wow her legs are amazing

  • iStone

    Holy legs!

  • Adam

    Sweet Jesus Christ! Tell me she’s flexing those?!

  • sup.

  • T.C. Worley

    Dang. I can never ride next to that girl.  My ego couldn’t handle it…  

  • Oh my, she makes me feel all weird and bubbly inside.

  • I’m in love

  • Loving the legs….err… I mean Merckx.

  • What is love? 
    Oh baby, don’t hurt me 
    Damn those are some sexy, powerful legs!

  • Matty

    What a babe.
    What a bike.

  • Frankyiron

    She needs to be my girlfriend starting immediately.. 

  • Joshua Whittle

    Oh man…my pants kind of fit funny now….

  • Trfking

    Holy shit. She could roundhouse kick Chuck Norris to death.

  • Resty

    More! Cycling pics of Nic please.