Firefly: No More Wet Ass Jun 1, 2012

Does anyone even read what I write when I post a Firefly project?

  • Kayaksurfer85

    Yes. I read it. Then I cry and curl up in the fetal position because Firefly is so beautiful…

  • matt krofcheck

    its kind of like the second half of a good porno scene.   the picture does what i need, the writing is just the cool down.

  • can’t read through the drool

  • I got about as far as ‘ass.’

    • I could have added “moist” in there…

    • Piledhigher

      Moist donkey, if that is how you roll, polly

  • I’m here for the articles…

  • Does anyone need to?

  • Pla3cg


  • K-Train

    I read every one.  I saw my first Firefly in the flesh…eyelets on an Enve fork, sick Ti anno accents, TRP mini-Vs, bomber HED wheels, Ultegra Di2, room for 32s…everyone at the shop gave it a meh response because they’re either into the most extreme DH bikes or don’t really care for artisan road/cross/MTB bikes the way that your readership does.  We’re definitely a limited group, but that’s the case with anyone who bothers to dig deeply into a category and who give a shit where and by whom their shit is made.

    • Chris

      I too saw my first Firefly in person recently.  Incredible, incredible work!

  • NoAh

    Not really. I love their work but it’s just on here way to often. 

    • NoAh


  • Kos

    Another grey boutique Firefly bike?
    TL; DR.I just don’t see why it’s necessary to have daily updates on one brand. Is it “Firefly Day”? (similar concept to Groundhog Day, but > repetitive)
    But hey, it’s your site. And they must love you for it.

  • Brantley


  • No. lol

  • No. lol