FBM: Bikeage T-Shirt Jun 16, 2012

FBM makes the best shirts. Case in point. Show your love for one of the Descendants’ most iconic songs. Pick one up at FBM or through QBP and while we’re talking about QBP, check out Steve’s blog on QBMX!

  • Richard Smith


  • I don’t mean FBM steal this design from Japanese clothing company “cup and cone”, but I would like to inform to your blog reader “cup and cone” had same design ahead of FBM.


    • Guest

      japan is so smart

      • Funny thing is that the song has absolutely nothing to do with bikes.

        When you’re on the streets with a needle in your arm
        Selling your body for another fix
        Who’s gonna pick you up and take you home with them tonight?

        Not me … not me … not me … not me …

  • Turok2