Elkabikes: Columbus MAX Beast Jun 13, 2012

Oh man. I love me some Columbus MAX. I’ve got a track bike made from it and even my road bike’s seat tube is MAX. At this point, I’ve seen just about every resolution for the MAX top tube. This bi-oval beast is either capped in an awkward lug, or the seat stays wrap around it but I’ve never, ever seen a detail like that. Why hide something when you can express it?

That’s not the only detail expressed here. You’ve gotta check out more at the Elkabikes’ blog. The brake bridge, track ends and seat tube cluster are WILD.

Oh, and these guys are from Moscow!

  • Rick S.

    That is one sexy bike. Excuse me as I wipe the drool from my beard.

  • ian

    damn that’s a sexy fish

  • Doctor_Jones_

    I can’t figure out if thats a seatpost or a continuation of the seatube….

  • elka

    Hi guys! Thanks for your comments. We used on this bike custom made pivotal seatpost (works like quill stem) + Odyssey convertible adapter (pivotal to rails).

  • Michael

    Anyone know what bars those are? They look like Nitto RB-021 but slightly different.