e r t z u i ° film: Light Wolf Jun 21, 2012

Wheelbuilders are the unspoken heros of the cycling world and this new film by e r t z u i ° interviews Germany’s best, Light Wolf.

  • iStone

    When he opened that drawer of shiny hubs I accidentally my pants

  • silversurfer

    what is the name of that truing stand?

    • Martin


      • TuckerRidesBikes

        ^^^this comment has been flagged as Hardcore Pornography

  • CK / ENVE is so so delish

  • TuckerRidesBikes

    Amazing truffle analogy.  Makes me want to learn how to build wheels AND cook.  All the macro shots are amazing too.   

  • Simonjhillier

    Very similar to a Condor Cycles vid …