Don’t Steal Bikes Bro: Long Beach Edition Jun 4, 2012

Sean Coats’ bike was stolen a while back and everyone thought it was gone for good. Then, Matt Spencer just posted this photo to his Facebook. Check out Dog the Bicycle Hunter’s gun!

  • Jdhhsept

    i dont know about anyone else but i would love some background on this if theres any to be had

  • aj austin

    Real Trill

  • Ian Lautze

    Did that random dad hit that dude with his minivan and pull out the heater in the name of bicycle recovery? Is more random shit happening off camera?

    I’d like to imagine so.

  • Sean got his bike stolen yesterday. Today I was driving around with Antonyo and Congo and randomly saw I guy riding Sean’s bike. They jumped out and chased on foot but could not catch him. A few minutes later he casually just so happened to stroll by our house and Antonyo and our friend Michael took chase to him on their bikes. After a few blocks of yelling a random truck just pulled up and asked what happened. Antonyo told him that bike was stolen and then a few blocks later in the chase the truck screeches to a stop right in front of the thief and as he opens the door he brings out his gun, keeping it on his side but clearly intimidating the suspect, and tells him to get on the ground and steps on his hand pinning him. Within seconds the kid says that he will give them the bike and the man casually gets back into his truck and will forever be a super hero.

    • Ian Lautze

      FUCK YES! So much more awesome than I ever imagined.

    • Jake Ricker

      The sickest!

    • tyler johnson

      This is the best story ever. I need to have more cool things like this happen in my life. I am moving to LB tomorrow. Go Antonyo and Mike for putting in the effort for a friend!

    • typicaleuropean

      Am i the only one to think that the gun is disproportionate here??? don’t want to enter the pro/con gun debate, but who knows how this story could have ended as nobody knew the truck driver. I am happy for the bike owner but chasing and stoping a thief doesn’t require a f*** GUN. The truck driver might be a super hero for some, but he is a super dick for me!

      • aj austin

        The right question to ask regardless of what your feelings on gun laws are is did this guy obey California law regarding conceal to carry. I briefly skimmed the California state gun laws and the only way this dude was in the wrong was if he pull the gun on someone not committing a crime or had his weapon at a school, bank, etc. I agree it is a little nutty for some dude to just show up out of the blue and help some kids get their bike back with a gun but nobody was injured and he was within the law. It’s not a judgement call I would’ve made but this situation is one reason people chose to get a CCW license.

        • m1911

          wow, so you can pull a gun on anyone committing a crime? even if people just tell you that there was a crime committed? i remain skeptical, but props to cali if that’s the case. the guys running the local gun shop here in MD would probably flip out about this story…

          i’m all for gun rights, and this is an epic story, but gun owners have to be really careful about when they pull it out: anti-gun folks don’t need any more examples to cite for stripping away gun rights.

          oh, and glad the bike was returned :)
          also, good thing the thief/theif’s customer (that would suck) didn’t have a gun too…

          • Keith Teket

            yeah MD does not support CCW but all the surrounding states do, which is why its pretty popular here. 

            They guy was right to not point or aim, but he “flashed” it. I understand how some think it was wrong, but to me he sounds like a responsible gun owner and like most of us gun owners, we own guns because sometimes you just need to get shit done because nobody can or will do it for you. In this case, he had it, and he got the job done and no harm or hard feelings. I know thats not always the case though….

            Bitch and whine all you want, but if Anthony and Congo caught him then he prob would have gotten a beat down…

          • Cyclotron

             I am with you, Keith.

          • Matthew Georges

             Police pull guns on people for way less.

      • Zakt

        Why even bring it up?
        You suck…

  • traskVT

    street justice!

  • BOB

    +1 for the og white man!

  • tommaso

    Cool story guys. Let’s make a hero out of this officious intermeddler. This lunatic intervened in an unconfirmed bicycle theft and then threatened the alleged thief with a gun. It’s all well and good that Sean got his bike back and nobody got hurt, but this wannabe Charles Bronson could have easily turned out to be another George Zimmerman.

    • Worst assumption I have heard haha.

      • jon

         How so?  There is absolutely no reason to bring a gun into such a situation.  That justifies ever stupid police officer that brings a gun or even tazer into a non violent situation.  How many times has the gun “accidentally”/carelessly gone off?  Just a few months ago a kid was killed in NYC by cops because he ran away from them… He was just carrying weed, no weapon. They killed him even though he posed no threat.  Guess they just assumed he did.  Most likely because he was not white.  Seems very similar to this situation. Just no one died.  The end does not justify the means.



        • Jordan White

          HAHA accidentally gone off? You have never owned a gun.

    • Jordan White

      Would it have been okay if Antonyo caught up to the dude and beat the shit out of him?

      • Rich_curren

        Beat up is better than dead.

  • These stories always seem sketchy to me.  It’s fine if this guy is the thief but if this guy is the customer of the thief then he also got jacked but by a guy with a gun and that’s really messed up.  If I’m riding a bike and some sketchy looking dudes are screaming and chasing me, I would ride fast and hard away from them but then to have some dude whip out a gun in a situation he knows nothing about seems very off.  If you see the guy and he’s just casually rolling around your block with what appears to be your bike, why not just call the cops?  Street justice is fine if you can deal with the consequences.  It’s just a bike and it’s replaceable at that, but to threaten someone’s life over something that literally gets thrashed on and trashed seems sketchy and out of whack.  

    • If you have ever had a bike stolen and you called the cops then you would understand. I have never seen a cop give 2 cents about a stolen bike. The gun was NEVER pointed at the thief. I say thief because the night before the guard outside had seen a man with face tattoos lurking around the block and it just so happened the guy riding the bike also had face tattoos.

      • Paul

        Were the police involved after this incidence? There must be a reason one way or another? I assume the guy on the floor is a thief, but makes all the more sense to report it. Glad the bike was returned but I don’t think the world would be better off if everyone took the same approach.

        • Cops don’t give a shit

          • Paul

            haha sure that is the case a lot of the time, but a few more incidents like this and I might actually be glad they’re around…

      • Try having your car stolen… the police are even more useless.  The point of calling the cops in a situation like this is not to get the bike back but to protect oneself legally.  Plus depending on your neighborhood, if a gang member stole your bike and a bunch of dudes forcefully took it back, then street justice takes a much bigger turn…  But if one is familiar with the thief or at least knows that the thief is not affiliated or is just a meth-head or something then that’s different.  

    • Iknoweverything

      god cameron, you have no real outlook on this situation and sounded like an idiot to anyone who actually obsesses over a bike, like some of us here.

      • I’ve loved bikes for 25 years, I’m 30.  My very first real bicycle that my mother worked her ass off to afford was stolen from me at gunpoint when I was 11 years old.  It was $250 when a 50$ bike would have been too expensive for my mother.  But she knew that I wanted it and knew that I would never ask for it because I knew she couldn’t afford it.  15 years later my first track bike that I was able to piece together perfectly was stolen also at gunpoint by a guy dressed up as a messenger, in Chicago. 

  • Thibs00

    The Avangers!

  • editorque

    This is yet another case of the simulacrum being totally rad and the reality being totally wrong. But nobody cares because it’s macho macho and the photo is positively cinematic.

  • alreadyupsidedown

    It’s good to see a bike returned to its rightful owner, but as a native Canadian stories like this always shock me. It’s hard to wrap your head around the idea that anyone could be carrying a conceiled gun at anytime, anywhere. It’s all fun and games that no one got hurt, but what if someone did? Obviously the driver intervened, and nobody asked him to draw a gun, but hailing him as a ‘hero’ disgusts me… It seems to me we should just be lucky nothing went wrong… Bike thieves can carry guns too.

    It’s an awesome situation, and an awesome photo with a favorable outcome, but I would have to say I don’t find the way the story is being presented to be very responsible, either on the part of Matt Spencer or John Watson.

  • My buddy was taking a concealed hand gun class in Texas, and he told me that the only reason you take your gun out is when you fear your life is in danger. And when you fire the gun, you unload the entire clip into the person. Even firing a gun above the head of someone to scare them off is frowned upon. 

    • Mkatseal

      Different laws in different states. And in Texas you can take out a gun if your house or means of transportation is being threatened. You actually have the legal right to kill them with no penalty. It’s referred to as the “castle doctrine.”

  • all the people getting butthurt about guns is really funny.

  • this is awesome,  f anyone who tries and steals someones bike with their hard earned money.

  • I’m sorry, if someone stole my bike, getting a gun pulled on them would be infinitely better than what I would actually do to them.

    • Rich_curren

      …if it ended there. But what if the thief is also packing (which isn’t unlikely) and then someone gets killed. Is that better than someone getting their ass kicked? Have to ask if that gamble is worth the price…

  • Anyone that complains about guns in the States need to just shut up. I don’t care what your country’s laws are. This didn’t happen in Canada, it happened in Long Beach, one of the shittiest cities in the world. haha

    • tommaso

      John, I’m amazed that would advocate this crap. I live in the States and our gun laws are the subject of a national debate right now. This man was probably within his rights, kinda like George Zimmerman, and that’s exactly the problem. If somebody takes your bike, you hand out an ass whoopin’ like Victor did, and that’s the way it should be.

      • Majaco

        Long Beach is pretty fucked up

        I miss it everyday

    • someone

      I don’t think this should be an argue about laws, as i think it should rather be about things such as the right to use violence, and in my opinion violence feeds violence.

    • Vince

      John as a resident of LBC I resent that comment….. :( :( :( ;)

    •  canada has guns 2 br0

    • Xavier

       In what backwards world is Long Beach one of the shittiest cities in
      the world? Granted I grew up in Westside LBC, which by definition is
      “ghetto as fuck” by people who were fortunate enough to live in better
      parts of Long Beach, but shittiest in the world? That shit is laughable. 

  • dan

    The morale of the story is that kid will never steal a bike again.

    • there we go

    • someone

      Sorry to be that damn pacifist again, but this is just one end for the story. this guy, the thief, might keep stealing bikes but next time he will do this he will bring his own gun with him.



    • tommaso

      Hide ya kids, hide ya wife, Kanye West is on this thread again. Someone please show him the caps lock key before he hurts himself.

  • Tyler Johnson

    Remember that the guy never pointed the gun at the kid. It was obviously for intimidating him.


    glad he got his bike back.

    also, this is america, where guns can be carried, will be carried and will be used. its unfortunate that guns fall into the wrong hands, but lets face it, america isn’t the only place in the world where guns are a problem – its just one of those countries where people do get overzealous and let their guns do the talking.

  • Iknoweverything

    Fixed gear riders are some of biggest sad sap pussies ever when it comes to social issues.

    • Raphduggan


  • Eeyy Bob

    That dudes definitely had his bike stolen at some time, must feel good to help some random kids. Oh and Fuck thieves, period. Ive been robbed at gunpoint and pistol whipped with one during a robbery too, what this guy did is as calm as I can picture.

  • Marty

    It’s just a bike…not worth it

    • Mkatseal

      It is when it’s your only form as transportation. It is for me.

  • Kevinhauls

    This guy was totally justified in taking out his weapon. His life was in danger. The thief may have a knife or may just be a good boxer. He could even use the bike itself as a deadly weapon.  Raise your hand if you think the thief would have just given up had the gun not been involved. News Flash. Society as we know it is about to fall off a cliff. You better stop whining about gun laws and applaud when people help others as in this case. It wont be long before your neighbor is the only protection you have. 

  • Anchorserik

    the older dude did the right thing. and hopefully this punk ass kid learned a huge lesson from this and wont steal peoples bikes that they work there balls off for and spend there hard earned money on. i to have my concealed pistol license and ride FSFG and have a ton of money dumped in to my bike. if some jack off stole my bike and i seen him on it and he ran from me there would be no question to pull my burner out. not necessarily to shoot the dude but to show him im not fucking around and i want my shit back. mad props to you guys and to the super hero old man!!!

  • Sean

    I love my friends 

  • awesome story. everybody crying about guns needs to quit whining. if your stolen bike was recovered this way would you be complaining?

  • Norm

    this is awesome

  • Downdeep13

    Too bad the skinny jeans lobby isn’t as powerful as NRA.

  • uhhh

    Is that Darryl from Storage Wars? YUUUPPPP!

  • Mierdamundial

    Im going to kill all of you.

  • Rich_curren

    So what happens when the bike thief has a gun as well? And isn’t it a core belief of gun owners that you only pull a gun when your life is threatened and if you shoot, you shoot to kill?

    For anyone that’s had a bike stolen (or anything of value for that matter) it’s hard not to feel some satisfaction from this outcome. But if the thief had a gun, and pulled it when he saw our vigilante’s weapon and it escalated until someone was dead, would a bike be worth a life? I love my bikes, but I certainly wouldn’t want anyone dead over any of them. 

    Cue “you’re a giant pussy” comments now…