Cinelli: 2013 Mash SSCX Frame Jun 25, 2012

For 2013, Cinelli has many new offerings but the one release I’m most impressed with is the collaboration with Mash on a new SSCX frameset. I know a lot of work went into this bike, so expect these frames to be a great option for race season next year. Or just some off-road fun.

  • iStone

    I’m excited to see what they have in store for 2013. It’s not too often you see a Cinelli covered in mud.

    Now how many people are going to bitch about the price?

    • stephen

      i’m going to bitch about the lack of bottle mounts…

      • ^this

      • bingbong

        i thought butt rockets were obligatory on anything cinelli?

  • cxfs

    oh no its really happening

  • YES

  • Kevin


  • Doctor_Jones_

    this is so awesome

  • Tyler McCulloch

    The lack of cage mounts ruins it :(

  • A lack of cage mounts on a cx race bike isnt super uncommon. If this is intended as a race bike however, releasing a new race oriented cross bike without disc tabs is just plain stupid now that they are UCI legal

    • Just because something’s UCI legal, doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. I’d rather have Cantis or MiniMotos than disk brakes anyday.

      • I agree with you completely. I’m currently in the market for a CX rig myself and will be going with canti’s simply so that I can easily swap out to my road wheels for commuting (and so I can use my road wheels as backup should my race wheels fail). I just think its silly (from a business standpoint) not to include the option considering I couldn’t see anybody not buying a bike because it includes disc mounts, yet not having them will turn some people away from the bike. 

  • Geepus

    is there a geo released yet?

  • Javon

    Will the frameset run around the same price as the Zydeco frame? Does $1,200 sound right?

  • Jake Ricker

    I want one!

    • hey……dont be ungrateful. you already have that sexy pink yamaguchi cross bike i would commit mass genocide for so shut up. jk. i would shred one of these for sure. 

  • Can understand the lack of disc tabs, as it makes the rear dropouts (or the BB) more complicated than they need to be to get the job done. But the lack of a cage mount? Bike is going to be ridden by at least one drunk dude in a tutu. I doubt they care about clean lines.

    Otherwise, like.

  • Robot

    A lack of cage mounts makes this a real race bike in my little pink book. However, a lack of disk tabs is an oversight. . . not because disc brakes are necessary but because it sucks to have to adjust one’s canti brakes every time you change gear.

    • Robot, that’s why I run mini V-brakes on my pink monster.
      Also, I like having cage mounts for the longer not quite CX race races.

  • Timwilkey

    The rear end will be 120mm as far as I’m aware, for straight up track hubs & freewheels. I’ve been waiting for this for so long, I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  • Enyce

    is there more to come in 2013 from cinelli and mash? maybe a new histogram or somthing like that?