Chimera Concept Steel Pista Jun 22, 2012

I’m not exactly sure what this photo is promoting, but it’s in a Flickr Set on the Starfuckers stream and I had to post it. See more photos here.

  • this photo is promoting APE’N IT!

  • that’s quite a derny..

  • Jon

    It’s promoting Motor-paced racing.

  • max

    It was a big event (free ride, TT, and demo) that Tempra Cycle put on at Omiya Velodrome. At the end they had some professional keirin riders do some top speed runs around the track to show us just how fast they can pace/sprint. They also used the motorcycle to grab footage

  • This really looks interesting. I am glad that I have visited your blog. Keep it up. 

  • I ran the KEIRIN bank about 20 days ago.This photograph is a demonstration of KEIRIN, 

    shooting of this movie. 

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