Cadence: Trekker Sling Bag Now Available Jun 11, 2012

Cadence is rolling out more of their summer 2012 collection with the Trekker. This single-strap, lightweight day bag is made in the USA from military grade fabrics. Check out more details and pick one up here, at Cadence. These really do look great Dustin. Perfect for an overnight camping ride.

  • Doctor_Jones_

    pretty cool, its like an oversized fanny pack for your back!

  • ra

    do you know of any other bags like this? small but not quite as big as messenger bags?

    • I’d recommend the Reload Aika, it’s basically a really big fanny pack that can be worn as such or over the shoulder which is how I usually wear mine. Reload also used to offer two lightweight small messenger bags under the name Spring and Dash but they’re no longer listed on their webshop.. I’m sure they’d be able to make you one if you wanted though.

      • ra

        nice. perfect !