Bike to Work Week Chicago Jun 12, 2012

“Honestly I get to work in like 10 minutes” “It’s a lot faster than fuckin’ takin’ a bus”. Well said. Let’s all celebrate the ride to work. It is a lot better than anything else. But can we please bury that song? It’s been used in every video like this!

  • If I am not mistaken I think one of the 44RN chainrings makes an appearance  at 0:57. I feel luck to have one of those excellent chainrings. Thanks Prolly.

  • this was the first time i heard that song ever …. i guess i totally lost track of the music scene haha

    • Ihatefall

      Its like two years old at least but recently it has been gaining steam. It was just used I that fgfs video by the guy in long beach.

  • …not a pannier in site.. no skinny white guys wholly unsuited to wearing cycle shorts… different set of commuters over there ha!

  • FbLiYkies21

    is that lady rocking here brain bucket backwards ???? at 1:23……..  

    • Ihatefall

      I thought the same thing!