Bens Cycle: Polished Deep Vs in Stock Jun 23, 2012

Mirror-polished, deep-section rims can in fact look very classy on your track bikes. Velocity‘s Deep Vs may carry the “H” word stigma but if you’re looking for a rim that will literally withstand years of abuse and still look classy, check out the new polished Deep Vs that Bens Cycle just got in stock!

  • dan

    whats the H word?

  • I’d definitely recommend my mavic cxp 33s for a shallower and less h-word v that holds up to abuse

    • do they still make CXP33’s?

      • Eric Baumann

        sure do

        • Info

          But the cxp33 is not in polished

          • And Mavic’s non-proprietary rims SUCK now.

          • Dontcoast

            Silver Kinlin Xr-200/270/300
            Lighter, and shiny (although i dont think technically polished)

            Seriously tho Velocity should make polished aeroheads or fusions or a-23’s…polished performance. Deep V’s are heeeeavy.

          • trad

             How’s that exactly?

          • This is a major point of contention but there’s a reason why most would prefer to build with H+Son TB14’s than Open Pros nowadays. Mavic made the shift from rims to wheels a long time ago and with that, the QC went out the door…

  • Fixin a hole

    If you like polished, stiff, strong, aero, and lightweight try Rolf Prima P-Town. Proprietary tech and design, handmade in USA, White Industries hubs.

    • That’s a wheelset….

      • fixed_hesh

         A really expensive wheelset at that.

  • 718 Cyclery has an Affinity on the floor right now with mirror polished rims.  It looks pretty snazzy.

    • Crystalfellow

      That build is so sharp it hurt my eyes.  I forgot to ask what rims they are when I was in there.  H+Son? 

      • Skylar

        Rims: Velocity CHROME B43
        HUBS: Chub Hub
        Bike is no longer at 718.

  • Love the polish, but I’m more of low profile, box section kind of guy. Have some OpenPros at the moment that came out the other end of the Melburn Roobaix as straight as they went in, but am thinking of switching to polished H+Sons when the time comes.

    The Mavics have been good to me, but I like shiny.

  • If they polished up the new A-23’s I would pick those up immediately! 2013 A-23’s are also tubeless ready, would look pretty boss on a cross bike.